Our life-changing work concentrates on four areas:

Some seemingly impossible to overcome conditions can be remedied at modest cost and effort. We are committed to improving access to healthcare, with a focus on maternal health and on curing children with “no fault” conditions – those who are born with disabilities preventing them from getting an education and realizing their full potential. We particularly seek partners which provide surgery and care for those with blindness, upper and lower limb loss, cleft lip and palate, and clubfoot. We support scientific research that day by day seeks answers to complex and little known conditions.

Education is empowerment. Whether supporting early and primary education or vocational training, building local capabilities, or funding the highest levels of professional training, our partners teach competence and nurture confidence.

Economic self-sufficiency is at the heart of human dignity. We partner with organizations that enable individuals  to independently and sustainably support themselves, their families, and their communities.  We do this by empowering them with farming, agroforestry, business and trade skills, with financial literacy training and the creation of village savings and loans associations.

Something can still be done to find solutions to limit the damage to our planet caused by our culture of consumerism. People deserve dignity, with access to basic services such as sanitation and water. Our partners work relentlessly on high-impact, targeted and scalable projects worldwide.

All our programs are fully aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.